Cork Models Paestum

Architectural Masterpieces in Cork

“All the dreams of my youth have come to life; the first engravings I remember…I now see in reality, and everything I have known for so long through paintings, drawings, etchings, woodcuts, plaster casts, and cork models is now assembled before me.” – Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Italian Journey The tradition of making architectural models in cork […]

A Pair of English Oak Folding Chairs in the style of A.W.N Pugin, Circa 1860

Pugin and the Gothic Revival

While Gothic Revival has roots in the 18th century with early proponents such as Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill, William Kent at Esher Place, and Thomas Chippendale in his furniture designs, the movement truly culminated in the 19th century. One of those great designers working in the antiquarian tradition was Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin. His work and collaboration […]

Italian Copper Plate Engraving

From a set of five, this fine copper plate engraving by Giovanni Ottaviani and Giovanni is hand colored in gouache. Originally inspired by the monumental commission of Pope Leo X to have Raphael decorate the loggia of his private apartments completed in 1519, this engraving represents one of the most luxurious engraved undertakings of the […]